Thursday, May 27, 2010

look what I can do!

Oh my lovely biddies- I am so sorry for have being gone for so long! I pray you forgive me. I was stuck in the end of a HORRIBLE semester with a mountain of work and closing procedures.... and then the deadly cursed MOVING to a new apartment! Horrible experience- can't wait to do it again when I finally leave this place (hopefully while leaving at least of half of my crap behind.... holy hell it took me over 8 hours to move ONE FLOOR DOWN).

Ahhhhh the light in 1419... I will miss you. This was the morning before the move. I may or may not have come home so drunk from ONE margarita (celebrating for finishing the group project) that I fell asleep with my shades up.... needless to say this shot was at 7 am. Thanks sun.

Another. You are so jealous of that view. You are.

Look at all that shit. Yet to move. LOOK AT IT ALL IN THAT ONE SHOT.

1419 empty. Sadface. Left those cubes for the new girl who is very sweet and I hope she forgives me for threatening to kill her.. hmm....

Bye bye view.

Bye bye work sleep set up.

Goodbye bookshelf/ tv area.


(please note I am a nester. I moved down, unpacked, went to get more stuff etc. Perhaps thats what took me over 8 hours....)

As you can tell I only have one window here. Which blows light wise in comparison to upstairs. [GAME: count how many lamps lynn crammed into this 10 by 15 room (so far)] This is obviously where I will now be sleeping- and due to the new arrangement when I lay in bed I will have a different view out the window than what I had upstairs. Its narrower of course, but I have a straight on shot of the New Yorker sign as well as the New York Times building. Ill take a shot in the morning for ya'll.

My new sleep/work area! I am very very very guilty of being on my computer while being in bed. And since I have this glorious monitor set up, I need to be immediately next to my desk to do that. Also, taking a nap against the bed while still sitting in the chair is kind of slacker/working awesomepants.

My rug fits nicely between my bed and my bookshelf which is now on its side (I pick sick furniture I know). Also note I am NOT putting anything under my desk- fuck that noise.

Ahhh my new sitting/lounge/prep area at the foot of my bed! Ive got my jewelry and candy crate (thanks Sarah!) and then behind my chair (with my fabulous liberty of london pillow from target) is my laundry basket, all hidden. Niiiiiicceee.

Hey whats up one window. New York Times building there on the right. I'll take a better shot tomorrow. Oh and I am now down to two plants. I finally got rid of the monster. When I took it down from the bookshelf for the move I noticed it had a pretty bad bug problem. Sorry big guy.. we had a good run. I had two baby spiders but gave one to the new RA in 1419.

NEW! See that silver bookshelf? God I win at dumpster diving. Perfect fit. Strong enough to fit all my textbooks and old binder projects, as well as art supplies, paper, and gardening stuff.

Closet which is hidden behind the door when its open (you can see the hinge of the door bottom right). Luckily there was enough room between the two for the mirror on the wall.

Yup still keeping my own towels in my room. I don't care- if you keep towels in the bathroom where theres not enough ventilation they WILL smell like mildew. Ive had these towels for YEARS and they're peeerrrffeecctt. (the grey one is due to the hair dye. Red hair + white towels = fuck no)

New bookshelf set up! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I bought this bookshelf specifically because it can stand on its bottom or its side and it had no back so it could be a room divider as well. Its almost the exact same height as my desk when on its side so I'm getting a L shaped desk out of this set up. I put all my magazines on the bottom so the weight wouldn't fuck with it, and then my books just scatter. I hid the ones that I'm a bit embarrassed to show (cough*twilight*cough) where the desk overlaps the bookshelf, but I can still get to them easily. Then on top I have a scavenged shoe rack holding some new bins for desk supplies, supporting my AMAZEBALLS printer. Theres also my ipod speakers holding my gggooorrrggeeeeooouuusss droolworthly book collection. AND SHAZAM check out that lamp bad-boy also saved from the donation bin. WIN

My gorgeous champagne girl working it.

Desk bitches.

Why did I take this photo? Eh whatevers.

Ze view from my pillow- perfect TV watching spot.

Looking out the window from bed.

Close up on my new lamp (one of two amazing ones.. will introduce the other which happens to be MORE MAGNIFICENT and just as free later on) and Dita Von Teese's book that my good friend Heather let me borrow. Obsessed. Will be needing to own this.

Needless to say the attention I paid to my bedroom equals the fail of the development of the rest of the apartment. I've got my bathroom in order as well as part of my kitchen, and the futon is in place. BUT there is still a SHIT TON OF SAMPLES in the triple waiting to be sorted and put away (I have a sick ass set up for storing them all though, just you wait). This weekend I will be boating to IKEA with lindsay and joe to get a rug for my common room and some curtains to hide the sample area (its hidden partially by a column, I might as well hide the rest of it with some pressure rods, dontcha think?)

Anyways its off to bed with me- I told Lindsay I'd help her move tomorrow back to 27th street although I'm semi regretting it now since I have so much left to unpack before the interns get here. Oh, and its fleet week. HELLO.

FYI: 6 lamps. XMas lights to be hung later.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mommas Day Momma

Moms are by far the best people on the planet. And luckily for me, I have THE best one. Its hard to explain that I consider her my best friend, even when we might only talk once a week for ten minutes or so. She knows me better than anyone even if she doesn't know everything I do... but because she has always been completely in tune with her daughters, she knows what we are made of. If I was to have kids one day, every decision on how to raise them would start with a thought of if my own mother would think it was a good idea. I love my mom more than anything and although we're far away, we are still super close.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Redheads do it better

You know when people are in therapy and they finally have that 'break through' moment where certain things line up and just click into position in where they ended up in their lives? Well tonight I had one of those moments- just without paying for a therapist! I finally know where my desire for red flowly amazing hair has sprouted from. REGARDE:

#1 Ariel. That dumb twat who was so desperate to be anything other than what she was. Don't really understand her- no girl should have to change who they are completely to attract a man. BUT I do love her hair. AND THAT DRESS.
omg what I would/will do for that dress. Anyways I had a huge thing for Ariel back in the kiddo days- dolls, books, toys, etc. Super Ariel Groupie. And now all I can say is that I want her hair. Granted most of the time she was under the water where it gets all flow-y and what not, that lucky bitch.

#2 Jessica Rabbit. Holy hell. I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit growing up and LOVED her- I would kill to be her, unfortunately I will never have the boobs to do it. Super sexy, super sassy, and super not-putting-up-with-your-shit. Thats what I'm talking about. If I can find the components (cheap) I will try to be her for halloween next year. Sickest.

Thanks for sharing my eureka moment!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good news!


Its a bit of a problem though.... I keep doing research and getting TONS of ideas for it.... WHEN I STILL HAVE TO FINISH THIS G.D. STUPID GROUP PROJECT AND ALL OTHER DUMBASS THINGS FOR THE REST OF MY PATHETIC CLASSES

can I fast forward to May 25th please?