Friday, January 29, 2010

Cookin Up Something EPIC

Switching gears a bit to something near and dear to my heart: FOOD PREPARATION AREAS. Beyond exciting, isn't it? My dad is thinking about reworking his kitchen and has asked for my assistance, so I pawed through my image bag and grabbed things that he might love/find useful. I'm starting to feel a trend in what I write about....

I love how bright and airy this one is. Plus butcher block countertops? Loooveee! Usually I like a bit more personality if there are full cabinets but I kind of love how it makes one solid wall. Another great idea here is the island/sitting area. My dads kitchen is also his dining room, and it gets pretty cramped and then lacks counterspace. Just something to think think think about.

I picked this image mainly for the ceiling, cause I'm a sucker for exposed beams. Now that I'm looking at it I hate pretty much everything else in it. THOUGH the idea of having a long sitting bench/sofa along one wall with the table would open up a lot of floor space. Hmmmm

I LOVE OPEN SHELVING! It's very 'in' currently from what I can tell, and I've fallen for it completely. Most people don't know what is in their cabinets and your plates and dishes should be celebrated. I like to think of them as display cases, especially when you've expanded your collection and banished all plastic from your life.

Love this color combination. People are scared of black- but check it out. The cabinets are SUPER simple, but the handles are phenomenal and really are highlighted by their backdrop. Ballsy but still quiet and almost timeless. WIN!

Holy epic kitchen batman. This ones HUGE. I love how they've combined what looks like commercial grade appliances and more residential materials and layout. And love those open shelves of course. Just think of how easy access it all is.

Not necessarily a kitchen image per say, but these shelves are too awesome to pass up. Whats not to love?

Ahhh thats another non-kitchen image. Deal with it. I love the varied options of this built in, and the different depths and layers. Very smart. Actually this could be a pretty good rule of thumb for kitchen cabinets- don't be scared to mix it up. I know most kitchens are just a mixture of cabinets with adjustable shelving and some shallow drawers, but look into whats out there now. There are ALL sorts of specialized cabinets, some that are even inches across for those remaining spaces with a sliding rack. Do it up folks!

Pretty pretty pretty. Best part of it? That floor to ceiling open rack in the middle of the room. Most people would straight up never think of that or even loathe the idea of it, but I think its brilliant. It separates what is obviously the kitchen from the more transitional space with the fireplace, yet its still visually open, plus you gain all that storage. Very smart.

Ok now I'm offroading completely. I pulled this image and the next purely for their color scheme for my dad. I love love love the dark trim. I don't think he'll be able to handle it, but I just want to put it out in the universe.

Does it not speak to you?

Heres a nice combo of open shelving and closed, as well as the fact that it is enclosed in the wall so it doesn't feel THAT open. That countertop is 100% delicious.

Hey pretty shelving. How you doin?

Another pretty shelving option. I think this one is pretty DYI-friendly as well. Love that it takes advantage of the whole wall. And if you want to kick it up a bit, what about doing the pipes in copper? HELLO!

Another color scheme idea. Dark floors are a serious problem with me. And the only solution is more dark floors. I just want to lick them.

This image and the next are done by the same designer (I believe) but aren't the same kitchen even though I was under the impression it was. I get the feeling that Pops will love them both, however due to the size of his house its pretty much unrealistic. But the lottery can happen to anyone.

Love all that natural light. Love it.

One of my personal favorite images. I cannot get enough of those sliding doors! Love the handle detail and the subsequent pattern it creates. I also kind of love the mixture of materials here. Its very minimal, yet warm thanks to the wood. And its not overly wooden, even though all the cabinets are technically wood. Props to you, designer.

Thats it for now. I'm stuck in the lobby for move-in duty and its ABSOLUTELY FREEZING in here. My fingers/nose/life hates me for it right now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warm and Fuzzies

For everyones favorite person: Mom. My momma herself has a small surgery tomorrow so heres some good juju images for her to look at when shes recovering afterwards. Happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts!!