Monday, March 29, 2010

Is this funny, or am I drunk?



Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring break!

No Paris, no Capetown. YES UPSTATE NEW YORK!

So far I've had plenty of wine, snorgled my cat, slept till 4, painted my nails to looks like silver leopard print, and bought a ton of crap at target that I dont need. Could be the best spring break ever?

Plans for the rest of the week:
1. Homework
2. visit my dad
3. homework
5. drink more
6. homework
7. bug the crap out of puma
8. molest my friends
9. be RIDICULOUSLY nyc in this bumblefuck town and blow them out of the water
10. oh yeah... homework
11. get a haircut
12. tease the crap out of local frat boys
13. homework
14. drive a lot. pointlessly. sing my brains out (I only do it in my car when I'm alone aka its been awhile)

I think its doable. Shit- I should go get started. NUMBER 7 HERE I COME

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Free range fatties

Suck on that, autocad & accurender. I will own you. And these fuckers are only 45% done. BOW DOWN TO ME YOU STAND NO CHANCE.

[editors note: running on very few hours of sleep, pre-presentation last minute work panic, and operating on a diet of coke and york peppermint patties with maybe some chexmix tossed in. There will be no sane/comprehendible entries until after the due date on Thursday.]

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a hard life

I'm feeling rather unproductive and unartistic lately, but when I see things like these PAINTINGS (thats right folks- take a double look) I get the itch to be creative again. Only a week till spring break and hopefully some travel and down time will spark something. Until then, I've got other peoples art to admire.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This does not end well.

No opinions necessary. I am well aware I date assholes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Man Candy

Me and the girls are not only spring cabin-fever crazy, project time crazy, but now currently all boy crazy on top of it. God damn our unsatisfactory lives!

Super mega drool.

Now go have a drink

Happy St Patty's day ya'll

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wish I could live here....

I'm not sure why, but there are a TON of images that I've wanted to use as blog material but just haven't yet, saying that I am keeping them for a rainy day when I can't think of anything else to post. I was going through my folders and realized that almost ALL of it was my rainy day material. Which is pretty dumb when writing a blog, you really shouldn't hoard the good stuff for yourself.

Heres one of my all time favorite small spacing apartments: I would live here in a heartbeat! I absolutely love living in small quarters- if I had a house to myself I would probably go insane. I love trying to fit what I need in a small space and have it work functionally, and it seems that this apartment does just that. Plus it doesn't harm any by being ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

I wish I had more images, or even some of the kitchen or bath. Hopefully one day I'll stumble across some more (these three were taken from three different websites on three different occasions. Needless to say I was dumb excited after finding each one!)


I obvy haven't been my normal, cheerful, ecstatic, glowing self recently, but heck if YOU had two weeks of straight up bad luck, you'd be in a gloomy mood too. Today I decided to just stay in my room and do some serious self-therapy the only way I know how to: york peppermint patties, naps, and HARRY FREAKING POTTER. Thats right folks, I love me some HP. And there aint nothing you can do about it. Also, can't wait till the theme park opens which I WILL be visiting next summer with my smallest homie Tiny and taking full advantage of her family by crashing at her gpas place. HP, Tiny, and awkward moments with other peoples grandparents- I can't hardly wait.

[side story: since I plan on having no children of my own, I cant wait until my friends start breeding and I can pull pranks on their kids... including sending them Hogwarts acceptance letters at their 11th birthday. This is what you get for being friends with me folks]

Found out today that the inscription actually reads:
I show not your face but your heart's desire
Most likely, it would show me with a boyfriend. This single shit is really buggin me.



Lumos..... ugh I can't wait to get a white tattoo....

Love Emma, everyone else loves the ginge, and I've seen DR naked and leaping about in person.

Draco, you're the best.

That. Bitch.
[how hilariously big is that chocolate bar? Dying]