Sunday, February 28, 2010

Emotions of Program Writing interpreted by animals.
"Programming for the first project!? What a joke! That shit ain't hard!"

"Wait... you want me to do what?"

"Don't call on me... don't call on me... don't call on me"

First attempt at any part of it.

Giving everyone else's work the evil eye.

"I still don't know what the hell I'm looking at"

Coming to the realization that its much larger than you ever gave it credit for.

Long periods of time staring in the opposite direction, refusing to acknowledge its existence.

Trashing of everything that you've done so far.

Morning after an all nighter reworking all the crap you had just trashed.

This is my bitch face. My "get shit done" bitch face. Finish 95% of the project.

"Can I quit now? Seriously"

Fed. The. Fuck. UP.

Printing. Much like pulling teeth.

Then, finally, the glorious moment that you realize YOU DONT HAVE TO PROGRAM ANY LONGER!:
[FYI- the moment is the kitten. And heck, the dog can be the program. Bigger than I am]

Saturday, February 27, 2010

OK just kidding....

.... what I'm really craving. whoooopssss.....

Probably the healthiest thing on this page. And when this god forsaken research project is done and handed in on Monday, you BEST BELIEVE I'm hooking myself up with.
bapokkpkbal (BRAIN EXPLOSION)
"A BALANCED DIET IS A COOKIE IN EACH HAND" Couldn't say it better myself
Just a few more
ZMFG- squishy cookies + cupcakes!? FML!

Breaking news: my body hates that I'm making it operate on yogurt, sliced turkey, bananas, and cereal. But I will beat it into submission! I WILL PREVAIL!

Friday, February 26, 2010

What I'm cravin'

Summertime foods. Damn you winter, damn you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Insert Wise Statement Here

Ah February.... I've never much cared for you. And yet, this month, I was quite satisfied. You gifted me with a special super awesome new boy, excellent winter weather, friggen awesome new blogs to follow, the most epic professor to idolize, and a variety of new image obsessions. Heres a quick rundown of what made February not as shitty as usual:


KITTENS! (duh.)

Bringing back the red hair to go with my green eyes. If only I could pull of this black shit.

Ahhhh... New York City in the snow. It's very eerie. But SO cool

Rugby. Hello.

Excitement for summer hammocks

Caves! How sick is this!?

Snow on my face. On your face. On every face ever. HOLY MOLY THE SNOW

Heel obsession.

Owl obsession! alfjaigankajfkjald adorableness

Harry Potter the Musical. I will always be obsessed with this. And Draco

Johnny Weir. Thank you skating gods. Can he come be my new best friend now?

Images like this.... 1. Trains 2. Traveling 3. Classy 4. Vintage. All I want in my life

CUPCAKES. This particular one looks scarily like Sugar Sweet Sunshine and I'm holding myself back from licking the screen. Damn diet.


Cabin fever causing funky ass nail paintings. Mine are currently lavender with silver tips.

Two birds with one stone: Moleskin. Finally broke down and got one. And these sayings... I've got a crap ton.... "Keep calm and fake a british accent" "keep calm and harry ron" etc etc


Kick ass peacocks with kick ass feathers. You, sir, are BLOWING MY MIND

Red envelopes with giddy feelings.

Even though this is not technically the end of February, I'm hoping that it finishes up soon. So its a preemptive post. I want it to go as quickly as possible- my program is due Monday and I want it to be done already.

Fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow!