Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flying Away

So as many of you know, and if you dont SHAME ON YOU, but Alexander McQueen committed suicide recently. And although I don't follow fashion AT ALL, its a damn shame because, well, boy was cray-cray. Beyond creative. Huge design-creative boner for his stuff. So in my regular strolls around the interwebs, I ran across these glorious pieces of his. Now normally, none of his stuff could be worn by mere mortals, only those along the likes of ms gaga, but as we all know, that one isn't exactly sane either. But these- I would wear these. I know they're yellow- which I normally stay far far far away from, but I SO Get Down in the feathered hotness of them.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Then, since I felt guilty for only planning on posting two images, I poked around some more in my personal files (oooh!) and found that I have a penchant for feathers. Peacock feathers more specifically. So FEAST YOUR EYES ON THESE BOLD BEAUTIES:

Wish this was moi

Currently my background image. No lie.

I'd wear this. No, seriously, I would. Maybe with a top though....

I WOULD wear this, because I happen to own it, except it fell apart :-( Thanks for letting me steal the graduation gift I got you though, Kel, it seems I was just saving you from some cheap glue.

Oh heck yes.

Dra. Ma.

I think this is very sweet.

Looks like I've got tattoos on the brain. And feathers.

Well, so sad to see Mr McQueen go. But I'm sure that if there is such a thing as the afterlife, hes busy as hell BLOWIN EVERYBODY'S MINDS

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