Saturday, February 20, 2010

Strange & Beautiful

I'm not sure what it is about swirls that I love... perhaps the fact that they're asymmetrical and unpredictable and still very pretty without being overtly girly. Its always been a type of pattern that I am strongly attracted to, sometimes I love them more than a bold geometric.

Upgrade for my mac? If I remember the piece on these, thats actually engraved. Brilliant
Pretty swirls on a tattoo with a fairly pretty font in FRENCH. This could be me. Right now.
Purple umbrella with swirls? This could be me too!
Love this (just get rid of the flowers please)..... thats a pattern carved in a concrete floor. So pret-tay.
This. I'm dying. I want to go out THIS INSTANT and get this done. This is a tattoo done with white ink- it gives you this very faint sometimes hardly noticeable line (my one big problem with other tattoos is that theyre just so damn visible). This I could live with. And I do... I really really really want to.

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