Monday, February 8, 2010


Didn't take even a week for me to become completely swamped with schoolwork. Oh design school, you treat me so well. Please, take all my money and time and energy and dignity and will to live and..... well..... ability to write amusing entries and attract new people to this freaking awesome blog of mine. My face feels like its falling off and I absolutely refuse to sit down and actually GET to work. I just kind of sit around and pout at the pile of it all. Someone make it go away? Please?

This could be all IKEA stuff, but I could see myself using it. Glass top architectural worktable seems like fairly ridiculous, or fairly distracting. I just know I'd waste a lot of time pushing all sorts of materials up on the bottom side of it.. and maybe some food. SQUISH.

A bit of a workspace, a bit of a storage space, a bit of a bar. Heck that works for me! I like their mini ladder to get up to the top shelves. Very smart use of a potentially dead space.

This I Like A Lot. I think its the richness of having enough space to put an important piece of furniture off of the wall. I wish I had the room to do any of that. I'd love a desk plunked down right in the middle of a room. Or a sofa. Or a bed. Can I just get a big space please? Or can I just knock down the wall between me and my neighbors and take over their apartment?

This I also love- mainly the big inspiration board and all the hidden storage. I wish I used my bulletin board in a more artistic manner, but its all covered in broadway ticket stubs, pictures of australia, and hilarious business cards like "God-A-Sweat with Jenny... Get Inspired and Get Results!"

LOOK AT ALL THOSE MAGAZINES! I pretty much have a really good start on that... I keep forcing myself to get rid of them though because at some point or another I WILL be graduating and WILL be forced to move out of this apartment and it will already be a huge bitch getting out of here. But anyways- LOOK AT THEM ALL!

This image is from one of my favorite blogs, doorsixteen, and they just started renting this apartment and Im beyond jealous of all the work they've done and how great it looks. I'm itching to do home-improvment projects and living here does not allow for it. Jerks. A desk in a closet, doubled as the entertainment center. Needless to say, I want to be their friends and go drink wine at their place and possibly watch their dogs when they go on vacation.

Corner shelves. Perfection. And look at that cute little stepping up action with the orange boxes. Cute cute cute.

More orange boxes! I dont even particularly LIKE orange! Blowing my mind.

Look at this pretty little workspace with no legs... see how it floats! Its a bit too narrow to be a desk, but slap a mirror on that wall and I'll gladly put my makeup on there. Done deal.

Ok so even from this entry I can tell I don't want to work- all I talked about was storage and doing things at them non-work related! I'm cursed! Broken! Fail! WAH!

Screw homework- I obviously need a nap.

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