Monday, February 15, 2010

Maybe just a little??

I am ashamed to say, but I am in the mood to SHOP! I know I shouldn't, that I need to save my mulas and all of that, but wearing all these layers all the time.... eugh. I feel buried. Not that anything in the stores is my style anymore... its all too baggy and too flannel plaid-y for me. My "I really wish I could dress like this every day!" style? Without a doubt- classy pin up. Its the mix of being beyond polished and professional and yet, jawdroppingly feminine. AKA my goal in life.

Who the fuck wears veils anymore? I so wish I could!

ScarJo- don't even get me started.

Pure polished sasssssss

MOST PERFECT OUTFIT EVER! Plus that umbrella is to DIE FOR! I would beat a small child for a long period of time to obtain that umbrella.

Dita, Dita, Dita.... I may have a girl crush. I just want to BE HER.


EEE! How cute is this? I don't even LIKE pink!

Every outfit needs a good heel... and this ladies and gentlemen, is a GOOD heel.

llllloooOOOOOOoooovvveeee the stocking lines- I picked up a pair for Halloween this past year and I'm almost positive I was crooked all night since they were too big for me, but I can't wait to wear them again. The coolest tattoo I think I've ever seen in person was a girl had these lines tattooed on her legs. Seriously, if only I had the balls

Hello dear old friends... I will never abandon you for chunky heels or, even worse, platforms *gags*

I must resist. I must focus. I must remember that I have control. So no, I say no. No. No no no.

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