Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I get dates!!

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, I know that many of you are in a dead panic about what to do for your significant other! Actually, thats a bunch of bullshit, cause I am well aware that everyone in the world is single right now and extremely bitter about it. But I'm going to think positively and put out what I consider some friggen fantastic date ideas. Feel free to steal them, but if due to the date, you get to hit it, you have to tell me. Its only fair.

First off: GO OUTSIDE. Nature is awesome. You can't deny it. My own personal favorite- Central Park.

If you can manage, go outside in some FOREIGN COUNTRY! There is nothing more romantical in the world then a vacation. Granted, if your significant other overpacks with completely unnecessary items, whines, just wants to watch tv in the hotel, refuses to try any of the local food... it might ruin things... but heck, do you really want a crappy travel companion potentially for the rest of your life? Perfect relationship test! And if they don't do those things, then it'll be the BEST TRIP EVER!

Another tip: You can score mega awesome bonus points by traveling their favorite way. For me? I love me some trains. Love em something fierce. Even if you can't go far, make a minitrip around where you live, and even if you're ending up someplace you've already been, get there by a different path, by a different means of transport if possible. Be creative you bums.

I dont have a suggestion for this one, but I just have always wanted to go to the South and see plantation homes and the giant trees there. I guess, perhaps knowing where they would want to go, and even if you cant leave your hometown, find something similar or use your imagination? Its fairly cheesy, but heck I have no idea- some girls love that kind of thing. Its the effort that counts. Seriously- it is.

Rent a vespa! Always romantic! [I want to be that girl]

Oh yes, and rent a vespa in Paris. Bring me to Paris, and then ride around all day on vespas. I promise I'm a really great travel companion. Heck, I might just take myself on a date to Paris this year.... I deserve it. I love me.

You could always go out when the stars are out. I recommend on a boat. Or on the roof of a car. Or on a bench in the park. Stars always work- we females love twinkly lights. And guess what? FREE!

Granted, you could always just rent some movies, order some chinese food, and bug out on the futon. Your choice. I vote do something epic.

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