Sunday, March 14, 2010


I obvy haven't been my normal, cheerful, ecstatic, glowing self recently, but heck if YOU had two weeks of straight up bad luck, you'd be in a gloomy mood too. Today I decided to just stay in my room and do some serious self-therapy the only way I know how to: york peppermint patties, naps, and HARRY FREAKING POTTER. Thats right folks, I love me some HP. And there aint nothing you can do about it. Also, can't wait till the theme park opens which I WILL be visiting next summer with my smallest homie Tiny and taking full advantage of her family by crashing at her gpas place. HP, Tiny, and awkward moments with other peoples grandparents- I can't hardly wait.

[side story: since I plan on having no children of my own, I cant wait until my friends start breeding and I can pull pranks on their kids... including sending them Hogwarts acceptance letters at their 11th birthday. This is what you get for being friends with me folks]

Found out today that the inscription actually reads:
I show not your face but your heart's desire
Most likely, it would show me with a boyfriend. This single shit is really buggin me.



Lumos..... ugh I can't wait to get a white tattoo....

Love Emma, everyone else loves the ginge, and I've seen DR naked and leaping about in person.

Draco, you're the best.

That. Bitch.
[how hilariously big is that chocolate bar? Dying]

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