Monday, March 22, 2010

Free range fatties

Suck on that, autocad & accurender. I will own you. And these fuckers are only 45% done. BOW DOWN TO ME YOU STAND NO CHANCE.

[editors note: running on very few hours of sleep, pre-presentation last minute work panic, and operating on a diet of coke and york peppermint patties with maybe some chexmix tossed in. There will be no sane/comprehendible entries until after the due date on Thursday.]


  1. I get it. medical offices for the obese. so far - love it. third pix down shows couch but if its the room at top, third from left, you need to enlarge the chair. I am so impressed that you girls beat the software. YOU TOTALLY OWN THE SITUATION> congrats, m

  2. it is that room and that chair is correct- its just that I havent finished building the rest of the furniture. Dont worry Ive got it under control