Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Uh oh...

This already could be a bad idea. In the last hour of myself ALLOWING myself to think about what to post today- I completely lost my mind and have prepared 4 FOUR QUATRE topics to talk about. And thats me trying to tread lightly. Tread VERY lightly. This will not end well.

FIRST OFF.... stairs. aren't they glorious?

Heres a few more of the set I posted yesterday- I love the black box transparency vertical/horizontal/diagonal HOT MESS of it all. Say it with me now..... ooooohhhhhhh!

here- take some more

Stairs as bookcases? yes please! AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS BEAUTY I CANT EVEN LOOK AT IT WITHOUT TWEAKING OUT. toooo much to handle

Who knew wood was so, um, PRETTY? Love the substantial visual weight of these, but yet they're so light. Blowing my mind. Still obsessed with the image on the right. But don't worry- I'm only a light stalker.

ummm YES. and YES. pretty please?

I know it's not a stair.... its the most AMAZING door I have ever laid eyes on. Apparently its got this massive pulley system and when its closed its smooth, and then opens in this wave-like form. Cool. As. Shit. right? Thats right. I know you want it.

As for the three other topics I have planned, perhaps you'll get lucky and I will do another one tonight. Perhaps not. But it's pretty early and I'm hopped up on Nerds. It'll be a surprise for all of us.

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