Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who do you love the most?

Now this ones for my momma- much like a hobit hole, but SO MUCH MORE. I absolutely love the enclosed open patio area. Would you actually call it that? And big ass bonfires. I'm only posting the exterior cause in my opinion the interior is all dark and scary and with just a little TOO much concrete. Don't tell my roommate I said that- she has a major boner for concrete. I'm just sayin that with all that light, all those windows (if it was me that whole facade would be windows. the whole damn thing. damn me I love me some natural light), it should be a bit of a warmer interior. Just sayin.

Eh, well maybe the interior is so dreary and sad because they want you to focus on THAT. Maybe.

PS I know I screwed up. I got caught up out in Brooklyn last night with my roommate at a place shes cat/dog sitting for. And luckily enough for you few, I will make it up and post TWO um, posts? today. You lucky little twats you.

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