Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wishful Thinking

My best good friend Tiny (of http://cbjellart.blogspot.com/) left me some messages about desiring to make her own upholstered headboard one day for an aesthetically textured accent wall of a bed. And, well, am I not trying to be a source of gorgeous interiors images for inspiration to the masses here?

Sidenote- it's a very bizarre experience when you realize that you are obsessed with something without ever knowing it. Going through all my images to find headboards, the majority of them turned out to be tufted. New to me! Oh well, if you learn something new every day, might as well learn something new about yourself.

Hello tall dark and handsome stranger.
Love the dark walls matched with the dark trim and the dark furniture. I will say though I do NOT love the chandelier nor the open door. I do understand that you can't just close up a door in some situations, but for such an intimate dark space, have some decency and close the door to your bathroom. Please.

To me, this is perfect. With one very small minute detail. I don't love how shiny the fabric of the headboard is. I absolutely LOVE everything else. Dark, moody, highly textured, great color where its placed. Normally I hate the flowers they pick for the styling, but these are ppuuurrrffeecctt as well. And although I would say that perhaps the headboard is just a touch too tall, because the photo is cropped so you can't see the entire bed, there is a possibility that the proportion is much more balanced in real life. I do love me a high upholstered headboard, as you can lean up on it to read in bed or better yet, use it as a sofa if your living room was suddenly destroyed by wildfire. So props to a headboard that goes, thats right, up over your head!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this one is much too short. FIX IT. (Love the wallcovering, HATE the bedspread and lamps.)

Hello lovely. The light in this room is slaying me. Not to be a nerd, but it reminds me of the elf city in Lord of the Rings. JUDGE ME. And once again, perfect height headboard. I LIKE EM BIG.

OH drool. I do love me some masculine spaces. Piping? Tweed? Layers? Leather? Nailhead trim? Oh my goodness yes. However, I spy with my little eye... smoking pipes on the wall? and is that Napoleon watching me as I sleep? Creeptastic.

Ahh back to the dark beauties. I have a thing for dark rooms with a pop of color. I absolutely love the idea of the headboard even though its not tufted. Looks like something anyone could DIY, just finally after they find the balls to paint their bed. C'mon people, if you feel guilted into keeping it you should at least make it your style. And because there is no pattern or texture on the fabric, you can't really screw up reupholstering it. I do have one slight HATE in this room though- what the hellllll were they thinking with that lampshade? Seriously? Is that pink?

When it doubt, put an animal in it and I will be so distracted I can barely critique. I will say, the depth of the tufting is probably the most perfect in this entire post. I love how the button lines are alternating so they form more mod star-shaped dents. I hope that when I've moved in and am snuggling with your dog that I can't see the bulb in that lamp while laying down. Just a precaution.

Hello once again grey sophisticated! And look at you, all intellectual and everything! This bed is supplying me with some bedtime reading material whether or not I had my own. How very nice of you. I would say this headboard is too low, but its just getting out of the way of the wallcovering. If this room was a guy, I would date it.

AHHHH color! Normally I would HATE this room, but they saved their asses with that glorious green. Ooooh and I bet thats velvet. Heres what I hate though, just so you will know- the artwork, the sidetable, every piece of whatever is on that sidetable, the lampshade, and the sloppy ass bed. I would like all these pieces individually I think, but they are just SOOOO mix matched that I can't even figure it out. My brain hurts.

COLOR COLOR COLOR! I would stay in this guest room. Really, I would.

The jury is still out on this one. Pros- say it with me now, COLOR. And I love that they have a seating area (I will take that lime sofa immediately kthanks). And I give them props for putting their bed on their window wall. And I kind of love that the headboard wraps around not only the bed but the night stands. But theres just Something I Can't Put My Finger On existing in this room. Maybe its the size of the headboard? The shape? The ridiculous amounts of curtains? The fact that I've seen this room in a different picture and its not flattering at all?

HELLLLLLLLOOOO!!! This. Is. AMAZEBALLS. Quick rundown cause I'm sure this is getting ridiculously repetitive- COLOR! PATTERN! TUFTING! PIPING! REPAINTED UGLY STUFF! CLEAN! MODERN LINES! I am too excited to speak!

I understand not everyone loves tufted headboards as much as I do, so how about some of these alternates, hmm?

A headboard that pulls double duty as a desk? Fabulous!

And another one. Not quite sure about the lamps, but I will ignore them to look out on that ocean view!

I'm all for unexpected craziness. Ignoring most of this room, the headboard is made of DOORS. Opinions my dears?

Or for those of us on a very cheap budget, how about an accent wall of FREE! Those are paint samples found at your hardware store. Just remember, before putting them up, make some level guide lines or you will be forever frustrated. Oh and also remember that its a lot of color and you should plan to either compliment what you already have or get rid of it (cough comforter cough)

How about a mirror? Kinky, yes, but also can make your space look much larger. I love how their artwork reflects so you think that they have more than what they actually do. Those dirty dirty red-room owners.

Or how about a headboard that also is a great nightlight? We females are all fans of twinkly lights, its a fact. I love all the ideas in this room, however I myself would use none of them in my own room. I have a personal preference for ridiculously high I-Must-Have-A-Running-Start-To-Have-Any-Hope-Of-Getting-On-This-Thing bed. I can only imagine trying to get UP out of all the low beds in the morning. Fuck that noise.

How about a more artsy/unusual headboard? Love those rock slabs. Just fully anchor them to the wall or you could have a very very very bad night.

Hi pretty, whats your name?

I really do love a natural wood headboard. Well, I can love a natural wood anything really. I'm a fan of big grain. Though I really don't like an over-wooden space. Like this wooden bed sitting on a wooden floor makes me vaguely uncomfortable. Quick fix- a rug. Please? Oh and I can't figure out why I dont love that asymmetrical hanging of the artwork. *Shrug*

A rockwall? Heck yes! How badass is that? I do love this room. Though what the frick are those little silver reflective circles on the wall? DISTRACTION.

Another natural option- recycled old wood as a headboard. Very DIY. Not my cup of tea, but heck, I've already picked at least four beds that I will be the proud owner of. I don't HAVE to love them all!

So if you like the nature option, why not go full out with, you know, REAL NATURE. I see no issues or potential problems with this set up what so ever.

How about this for unexpected? Tiles from a tin ceiling as a headboard? I kind of absolutely love this. I hope its not noisy as all cause I have the habit of sleeping with both arms over my head (yeah if you didn't realize I was weird by now, thats on you) and occasionally punching the wall. That might be why an upholstered would be the best option for me. Oh and that shelving thing is pretty fantasmic isn't it?

And for those of us that can't purchase/install any real furniture for one reason or another, I am ALL about a fake headboard. Even purchasing some wallpaper that you love and pinning it to the wall can define a space. I've even been tempted to do it with some epic wrapping paper. It's cheaper too.

Well I don't know about you my dears, but I'm now exhausted! What a coincidence!

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