Friday, January 22, 2010

Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere

As many of you know, I'm a resident assistant at the school I currently attend, and I just finished my spring training today. The last activity we did was actually very touching and has left me with a warm fuzzy feeling all day, and hopefully it will for the rest of the semester. What we did was all sit in a circle facing outwards (theres around 70 or 80 of us I guess) with our eyes closed, and ten people are chosen to be in the middle of the circle. They would list of something like, "touch someone who has helped you" or "touch someone who has challenged you" and then the ten standing people could touch as many people as it applied to them. We did this for probably around 15 minutes with everyone getting the chance to touch. It was all very positive and I was touched by a surprising amount of people, some for things that I didn't even realize people would connect to me, and then some things that I had always thought about myself I didn't get touched during. And what else surprised me were when I stood up, I was in the group of 'who hasn't been chosen to go yet?' and one of my friends who I had suspected had touched me already a lot, was in that group with me. So it wasn't her at all. And afterwards people told me that they were looking for me but could not find me at all. It was just really great having all that love and appreciation in the room and in the staff, and I'm just in a very pleasant mood since then.

My entry today is going to be my own form of 'touching'. I had this idea earlier while bumming around my apartment this afternoon. I'm going to try to keep it up for this week with different groups of friends. What I want to do is go through my image collection and find one that reminds me of a friend or loved one, or one that I know they would absolutely love. So thats the mission.

Today my person is my good friend Kelly O. She's going through a bit of a rough patch and I just want her to know thats she's not alone or unloved at all. So here are some images that remind me of her and all her gloriousness.

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