Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You're Feeling Very Very Sleeeppppyyyyyy

Ahhhhh returning from winter break. What a bitch. Over this holiday I slept like crazy, 'cause its what the female members of my family do best, and now I'm having to deal with waking up and DOING THINGS with my life. Needless to say I've been having some afternoon naps, or as I like to call them, comas.

Heres a roundup of places I'd like to sleep one day.

Love it. Can only imagine how the light moves through it. And seeing the stars at night. Trash the tv though- its such a glaring mistake. I do love the continuous wood frame though... delish

More of a daybed but still cool. Plus its in a more urban area. I LOOOVE how the majority of the box, including the ceiling area, is glass. People watching! And judging! My favorite. Oh problem though, I can only imagine the looks if I was to pass out there with my open mouth and drooling. Not attractive.

Hidden pullout bed? Makes sleepovers so much cooler. Yes please. And the bookshelves in the wall, GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

Nook- yes please. But for the love of god a bare light bulb? what the hizzle? Buddha does not approve.

Dream bed/wall situation. I want to roll from side to side and never fall off. Those windows are rather sad though. Oh and I love that its on a platform. Wish it had some understorage, but thats just me. When it doubt, make it store shit.

Which reminds me.....
Yes. Yes yes YES. Imagine those all being movies........ drooooool. That bed does not look nearly as comfortable as it should if you're watching all those movies in it.. FIX IT. also, lose the IKEA sidetable with the clear drawers- no one wants to see your bedside accessory... ahem... mess.

All these beds aren't necessarily making me sleepy, but they are reminding me of just how delicious my own bed is. I should go make friends with it after cheating on it with all these other beauties.

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  1. both my kids are fans of the bed as nook, much favored in scandanavian folktales... and thats a good thing!!