Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Marios Swank Ass Apartment

I'm helping out my friend Mario and his delish boyfriend Brian with some paint colors and ideas for their place up in Washington Heights. They recently got a cute little puppy that I have yet to meet, but I'm sure she runs the place already. I've been there once before and the boys did not disappoint- tons of black and white photos, dark furniture, nice metallic accessories. So instinctively I'm leaning towards greys- they're very in right now and it allows for ANY color to be a highlight. So whatever becomes big next, it will always look banging in their place without having to change too much.

This I think I've put up before- I love the moldings and that grey is like my perfect grey. Mario mentioned he wanted to do big art- so those boxes could frame them really nicely. And it can be done with just taping out the area, no moldings necessary.

Same apartment different view, different shade of grey.

Combination of greys to make some depth and dimension. Tasty. Plus I love the idea of having untraditional molding color- usually those would have been white. So much cooler being grey on grey

This I think is nice and a bit of a surprise. They have a small entry room that could totally be a little special place with color in it instead of having to commit to one of their bigger rooms. I also like that idea for painting inside of closets or the back of bookshelves.

Hey purple, whats good.

Crisp grey with crisp white. Cant beat it

Bit of a warmer grey- more of a french grey I think.

Decorative moldings with super dramatic color- can make any space seem SO much more expensive than it really is.

I love this but I want to preface it as I'm seeing it as a negative to what this image is. Imagine the wallpaper white and the furniture dark. They have I believe either espresso furniture or black, and I love the contrast. Ive done something similar to this with a stencil before- the same color paint, one matte one gloss. Its super sassy, looks like you wallpapered, and depeneding on the intricacy of the pattern, quick to do.

I think this is a GREAT idea and I will be doing this in my home one day- too scared to commit to a color on the walls? hit up the ceiling and do it hard- especially if theres something amazing there. I think it would be great for a bedroom- youre on your back looking up anyways.

Something a little more daring? metallic ray lines- fabulous. Fun and completely unexpected. Don't know if theyd like this but wanted to show them anyways. And yes there is metallic paint in the world.

I love this room- very masculine AND THERES A PONY! but Im posting it to show the texture on the wall- once again can be done with paint- just needs a special brush and some patience. No wallpaper necessary

More fun with metallics- I guess I'm in the mood for shiny things today. They already have white walls and putting something like this on one wall would keep them from having to paint the entire thing while still completely changing the room.

Grey shows off textures fabulously. Seeeeeee

This is also another favorite of mine- unexpected. Super dark trim? SEXY

Same apartment, different view. Love the 'headboard'

Super dark, super sass. I love purple, I can resist.

Threw this in for fun- those are made out of toilet paper rolls cut up. wa wa waaaa?

More gloss on matte- reminds me of pinstripes. Easy idea, looks fancier than it really is.

Can create your own pattern with painters tape. I swear by it. Plus you feel ridiculously proud of yourself after.

I included this because I'm not sure what they'd think of it to be honest. The thing I want them to notice is that the paint goes up and over their bed, and could even come down the wall on the other side. I think thats pretty great.

This reminded me 100% of their place. Though it needs some kind of shine in there.

Instead of art, they could use large mirrors to brighten and expand the space. Plus that footboard reminds me of something in their living room

Grey + Colors

Grey + Colors

Sharp lines. My weakness.

Geometric sharp lines- kill meeeee

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  1. no. you did NOT just say that stencilling doesn't take too long. I just know you DIDN"T!! and okay... the killme above is a row of fish tanks... now who is killing whom?!! can you see me trying to sit there? truly it would be "put your head between your knees..." loves ya, mommasaun