Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My life right now.

First off: layouts for my program. The different colors are the different chapters. All graphs and images or anything in color will be in the color scheme of that chapter. Whaaaat do you think?

Research and Analysis
Design Solution

Secondly: AWESOME PRESENTS from people i love beyond any and everything!

Tiny is a sneaky bitch and used her hookups in the wizarding world to get me illegal candy and other awesomeness. this is my chocolate frog. unfortunately he didnt survive the hot hot trip from florida. still yummy though.
Bertie Bots every flavor. Not as bad as youd think actually.
And I know what youre thinking... 'oh no she didnt!' and I just want to say-
OH YES SHE DID. It will be making the rounds with me for harry potter jeopardy trivia and the movie release!
And mom once again pulled through with the socks and I must say, this years haul is magnificent. It is simply glorious knowing that i have a full month of never-been-worn-before knee high socks. Today I'm wearing those delish teal argyle. Yum.

Thirdly I'd like to let you know that my group won the Penn South voting- if you don't know what I'm talking about i had a group project last semester that tortured my soul, and we were nominated out of our class to present to Penn South (with two other groups from the other classes). At that presentation, they had the guests vote on what design they would most want, and our team won! We get to present two more times to the Board of Trustees and another committee that I can't remember the name of now, but its pretty sick. If the funding comes through I could potentially be graduating with a project that actually... happened? Whoaaa. Plus I get to put it on my resume anyways. Banging.

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  1. gotta love TINY, couldn't live without her! she rocks on and on and on.

    the colours? I doooo likey, espically the way the designs on the sides change - not just the ink but the design. good to go

    you're welcome. throw out the threadbare!!
    anonymous was a momma, too