Thursday, April 8, 2010

Better Luck

Looking on the brighter side of things: here are some of the good shitz that happened to me thus far this week

1. Studio- got captain for the program and instantly started getting super organized/ in the zone

2. Got my ticket for Ms FIT- super pumped (this time I WILL charge my camera before hand- there are 10 competitors and THREE gagas! Sidenote: Lynn Ackerson = LA = LADY LALA. FEEL FREE PEOPLE)

3. Received a DINOSAUR STICKER on my honors Islamic Architecture midterm cause I was wicked schmart with my 94!

4. That same sticker, if I was to lick it, it would get me high. Thanks professor!

5. Gave a fairly adequate presentation for FF&E and easily lied about my missing homework. Hopefully she wont catch on

4. Rocked my building midterm- I SET THE FRIGGEN CURVE PEOPLE. Booyah 100% I will take that.

5. Got another RA all star award. Round of applause

6. Finished up the script for my honors presentation, and although its light on facts, its HEAVY ON HUMOR. Oh my lord I have no idea how we are going to do it with straight faces.

7. In my summary of my resume I wrote "totally awesome" at the end and when we were reviewing it in business writing, everyone LOVED IT. Its 100% me. I'm keeping it.

8. Managed to spill an entire extra large lemonade (from chipotle people- thats so much you could drown a horse in it) down my front in the middle of the hallway, and yet someone stopped and asked if I was ok instead of laughing at me!

9. My resident ben has this great boondock saints tshirt and Ive been harassing him to fork it over to me as I OWN HIM, and today he finally did! Granted, he stripped in the middle of our apartment and then ran the fuck out of it- but I GOTS IT! WINNER

Lucky number nine. NIGHT FOLKS


  1. Fan-freaking-tastic!! but to rock the lady la la you need to change totally awesome to some sort of L awesome? LOUDLY AWESOME feels wierd.LOVINGLY AWESOME is missing the point, wait..hmmmm. I will work on this, your more humble mamasaun.

  2. chance ben is straight and wanted you?

  3. hes bi. and a whore. and no. please no.