Monday, April 19, 2010


Im closing in quickly on my next 500 images so I can finally sort them! Yay! Heres some highlights: (ooooh plus Im programming again therefore I'm sorry for the lack of consistent posts... I promise I will return with some form of entertainment)

New man obsession.

Some old candy obsession but TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL

you are.

shannon- this will be happening to your offspring

I hope so.

Thinking about doing this

Lovvvvve it.

Heck, I'm taking a nap right now.


AHHH NEW MOUTH! I knew I posted my beauties before the collection was complete!

Get. Shit. Done.


Thats me!

I need to perfect my hair moustache. She has inspired me.

The more you know.


Paaaauuuulllllyyyyy D!

Love how he x-ed out the love.


Good art.

Um... tell me about it....

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