Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 7

The Most Surprising Plot Twist or Ending: Snatch

Alright just to start off Im so exhausted that I typed almost every word up until this point incorrectly, and I suspect that will continue to happen for the rest of the post. Excuse me. Back to business! Snatch! Quick quick quick movie- gotta pay attention. Loved everything about it. Have now seen it so many times that I can actually understand and remember ALL the words that Brad Pitts character plays. Oh yes- Bradley. I already harped on him in the past, so lets do a quick little rundown on my second favorite actor in this particular film: Vinnie Jones (Bullet-Toothed Tony)....

Look at this smug little penguin. Don't forget what he was originally known for however:

Busting Balls. If you were to youtube this man you would find a video of him being redcarded out of a game in (from what I remember.. too lazy to look it up) the first fifteen seconds. From the opening whistle. Could you BE a bigger badass, sir? Oh wait- yes you can:


And on that note- I'm going to go hide.

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