Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So that happened.....

I'm sure many of you were DYING to know what was behind the curtains and that stupid ass column in my place when I posted it last time. WELL I can finally share cause its finished! (at least as finished as it will be for a long ass time)
Drumroll please.....


Shablam bitches- materials library. ORGANIZED MATERIALS LIBRARY. Alright so let me break it down for you. Theres a small metal bookshelf that holds a lot of catalogs and company info binders and what not... as well as a bunch of magazines that I'm holding for my roommate. When she comes back they will be gone-zo. On the back wall theres essentially two pieces- a narrow column on the left in the corner and a large metal bookshelf on the right that has a LOT of large plastic bins (yay dumpster diving!)

Lets do the big one first shall we? The two big bins on the bottom- full of carpet samples. Bins to the right of those are woods- dark on the bottom, light on top. On top of those are three smaller bins that have fabrics in them: 1. Blacks and dk grays. 2. Red/pink/purple 3. Orange/yellow/dark brown. Big ass plastic bin on top of that: wallcoverings and paint chips. Stack of three equally as large bins on top of that sucker: more fabrics. 1. Creams and whites 2. Greens 3. Blues and light grays/whites. Two smaller bins to the left? One has small decorative tiles the other resin samples. The boxes on top of that include a set of metal screens, hardware sets, and more larger scale resin samples.

Ok here you can see part of the column. Bottom: corks and rubbers. 1st shelf: dark stone. 2nd shelf: light stone. 3rd shelf: Glass and mirror. 4th shelf: (See first shot) decorative hand made tile and stone mosaics. 5th shelf: Metals. 6th: Glass tiles. 7th: Decorative trims for fabrics 8th: Multi-colored mixed pattern fabrics.


My business cards came in! I ended up ordering them in what I was hoping was my purple, but it turned out much more navy blue. And thats ok. I think they look great and for the price ($20 for 250) I can't complain.
Plus check it- SILVER FOIL LOGO. No girl can't resist a little glitz.
LOOK AT EM ALL! I'm gonna stuff my wallet and give them to friggen EVERYBODY.

This also happened to me today while studying for my test. Not freaky at all. If he comes back tomorrow then I'll name him.

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  1. I want one!!! bring it on home!!