Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad is soooo much cooler than your Dad.

My dad is an awesome human being. No seriously, he is. I was trained in the school of The Dad, and thats where a large chunk of my own personal awesomeness came from. Other shit he taught me:
1. Beards are epic
2. There are gentlemen left in the world
3. You don't need the latest gadget to survive. Heck- you don't need any of them!
4. Doing things by hand is much more satisfying
5. You can build anything
6. James Bond is the epitome of cool
7. Its never too late to learn something
8. Books are better than tv
9. How to drive stickshift
10. How to cook A LOT
11. That after people mow the lawn, they will want a beer.
12. Gardening is totally worth it
13. Our lives will never be as wonderful as our cats lives
14. Politeness can get you a long way
15. Always carry change
16. Some books you will read over... and over.. and over again. And enjoy them every damn time
17. Showing up is a huge part of support
18. Projects and to-do lists are a great way to live your life
19. There is nothing funnier than slapstick comedy- scrubs and Monty Python
20. There really are better movies out there than the ones that rake in millions of dollars. Most of those are shit.
21. Doritos are dangerous.
22. Sometimes a movie, a meal, and a nap are all you really need to do to have fun
23. Rocks and wood are FRIGGEN AWESOME

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